Poetry : Utterly Foolish


I Never...

I never judged you...

But you did with me.

I never hurt you...

But you did so constantly.

I never took you for granted,

But I was to blind to see what was so clearly in front of me.

My love was foolish.

Utterly foolish.

I waited up for you...

each time you glared at me.

I never said a word, too afraid.

The masquerade haunting me.

Wishing my heart wouldn't bleed so heavily.

My heart was foolish.

Utterly foolish.

Oh and now I lie awake,

debating my options.

Love's a fickle thing...

quite amorous.

Is it my fault that I tried so hard?

Is it my fault for loving you so much?

Is it my heart that has failed me?

Has this love of mine forsaken me?


You and I were both foolish.

Utterly foolish.

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anunez49 profile image

anunez49 5 years ago from New York Author

@oscortega, surprisingly they aren't from experience. I have moments where I will just be inspired and words come to me. This was a result of one of those inspired moments. =)

Oscortega profile image

Oscortega 5 years ago from California

Nice poem. If I may, is this a poem from personal experience? The reason I ask is because my poems are a result of personal experiences, and how I feel at that moment. And I'm inspired. I'm actually considering sharing mine. Thanks for sharing.

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