Various Unique Connections.

Various Unique Connections.


 (three subjects in a round Robin of sorts)



A bird to
the cat
is lunch
the cat to
the bird
means fright
and flight
a bird
to a poet
brings song
for the song
of the bird
is poetic
a poet
for the bird
leaves seeds
the seeds
to the bird
are sustenance
the bird
as it feeds
draws the cat
the cat
at the bird
leaves only
the feathers
to the poet
equal quills
the cat
to the poet
means companionship
the bird
to the poet
was a melody
each dawn
the poet
to the cat
speaks cruelly
for the loss
of the bird
brings silence
the cat
in a snit
skulks away
The poet
in its absence
lifts the quill
the quill
takes a drink
of the ink
then the quill
breaks the quiet
with words
the words fill
the void with song


the poet
strokes the cat
at peace
the cat
rubs his legs
another tiny bird
flies near
the seeds
to the bird
are calling
the cat sees the
bird and smirks
the bird spots
the cat and squawks
the poet hears
the bird
and whistles
the cat much
to full
stretches out
soon the cat naps
on his fowl dinner
the bird fills
its gullet
with seeds
as the world
regains its balance
once more


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pbwriterchick profile image

pbwriterchick 6 years ago

lol... and round n round it goes... :D

poetlorraine 6 years ago

how do you even think things like this up, brilliant

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