Some trees stand out~

As the misty grey fog seeps in~

I wait for the show to begin~

Only in my minds eye~

Does loneliness not win.

As I wait the foggy mist~

Seems to glow illuminated~

That is when the menagerie~

Parades in front of me.

Quietness creeps~

As more aware I grow~

Than I remember to utter a prayer~

As I hazily stare.

I cruise around the landscape~

Where white tailed deer did appear to jump~

Disappearing into the forest covered in mist~

I imagine they still romp.

I alone in silence think~

The light grey vapor~

All around~

When I finally rise~

To do what it is ready to surmount.


Lisa J. Warner


Lisa Luv



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blogallaboutit profile image

blogallaboutit 5 years ago

Beautiful, and very creative. Vote up from me.

Lisa Luv profile image

Lisa Luv 5 years ago from Conneticut, USA Author

blogallaboutit Thank You Very Much...Happy Friday Evening to you....

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 5 years ago from London, UK

Beautiful and refreshing.

Lisa Luv profile image

Lisa Luv 5 years ago from Conneticut, USA Author

Lady_E Thank You ~~~May you have a wonderful Saturday Night

Fennelseed profile image

Fennelseed 4 years ago from Australia

The fog is so mystical especially with the early morning sun shining through. Lovely words and images. My votes to you, Lisa.

Lisa Luv profile image

Lisa Luv 4 years ago from Conneticut, USA Author

Fennelseed Thank You! I wish you a great week ahead...PS. The fog rolled in this morning again...

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