We All Fall Down Its How You Get UP

You can’t pick yourself back up if you’ve never fallen down.

It’s hard to learn and grow from mistakes made if you never make them.

When you climb a mountain you must start at rock bottom.

If you walk on eggshells do they not break to bits and pieces?

Why not pick up the up the pieces, glue them back together, learn from our missteps, and rock it out to the tippy top of our mountains.

To be truly human you fall down every once in a while. I may be a young woman but I have still had my share of falls some harder than others with each came a new pain. It’s the hand I’ve been dealt it has hidden obstacles in the dark I can’t see them so I fall down. Though it hurts the pain will only be eased when I slowly pick myself back up.

True humans do not consider themselves to be perfect. We acknowledge that we make mistakes and we will continue to mistakes throughout life. Mistakes are a waste of time and energy if we take nothing from them. If you let mistakes define you, stand out in your life you can’t grow much in life. You have to appreciate the things that go right, and analyze the things that go wrong to improve yourself.

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vink21778 profile image

vink21778 7 months ago from India

Beautiful and very motivating

Kristof 7 months ago

What a way to look at things.

Diane dwit 2 months ago


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