What Perfection Is This.

What Perfection Is This.


What perfection is this,
these elegant
flowers from God
planted in the flesh
sprung from the
womb of mother earth
amidst savage man.


Lillies and Mums
Roses, and Hollies,
so many other names
beyond listing.

Girls in the prime
of their bloom
who soothe with pretty looks
and sweet smells,
who pleasure with
perfect centers and
seldom have a cross pollinator.

Black-eyed Susans,
and Daisies
sway in the breezes of
earth's meadows,
dancing under the
branches of womanhood
that mark them as special.

What bliss is this
to hold one close,
and breathe in the scent of her,
and nuzzle her bright face,
soft and silky she brushes
against one's cheek,
and always beautifies
a listless day,.

Such are girls, flowers from God
amidst the brambles of mankind.

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