What Spring Brings.


What Spring Brings.


What Spring brings

is far more worthy

than all earthly


things combined,

Other seasons


aren't as glorious

As Springs flowers

and greens entwined.


Spring flings it's wings

across the frost,

to melt old


Winter's gloom,

Nudging crocuses

from their graves,

It bathes them

as they bloom

With rain and

sweet perfume.


Spring whispers


in each tulip's ear,

"Wake up, you


As daffodils burst


with trumpet songs,

From silent flowerbeds,


While raindrops


drum a gutteral sound,

Birds sing, bees hum along,

there is no melody as sweet,

as the tinkling


of Springs song.

What brings Spring

is the melting snow,

Mingling with


children's laughter,

All hearts that hope

through cold nights know,

That Spring comes ever after!


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Debarshi Dutta profile image

Debarshi Dutta 6 years ago from Calcutta

Wonderful. Quite an innocent poem!

I appreciate the innocence of this poem.

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