What We Remember

Field View of the Estrella Mtns.
Field View of the Estrella Mtns.

Let all that enters heart and mind
Be warm, be gentle, and be kind
Though storms blow the earth around
Your heart stay solid on the ground

And in the storms remain steady
As the rock or ocean eddy
Be so strong and be so wise
Be all that you can err surmise

For your life is not of mystery
But one of deepest history
That was written fore the dawn of time
Was written like a nursery rhyme

And forever written in your heart
That none can take or tear apart
The writings there are old and tired
To those who cannot read the wire

You only can read them this we know
As the wind blows softly drifting snow
Into your path yet you find your way
And have until this very day

Sought solace in this knowledge deep
And find the message as you sleep
So feel no fear and feel no pain
Feel no sorrow all is gained

In this one way you feel this night
That all may see within your site
The miracle that awaits each and all
That no star fails that no star falls

Without a purpose without a goal
Although when falls it leaves a hole
That hole is filled with a glorious light
That all can see into the night

It sees what we cannot inside
And within all the soul does glide
So seek your peace and seek your love
From those who have gone up above

Kari Shinal Copyright Jan. 2007

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poke 3 years ago

wow, life truely is full of hope and positivites..thans, tuath

Tuatha profile image

Tuatha 3 years ago from Fayetteville, NC Author

Not sure how it works, but it does. Thank You for your compliment jhamann.

jhamann profile image

jhamann 3 years ago from Reno NV

You amaze me with you never ending lyrical ability. Keep up the good work. Jamie

Tuatha profile image

Tuatha 3 years ago from Fayetteville, NC Author

I am glad you found a closeness to it. And yes, I had yet to decide what poem to post next and well, yours was a gentle reminder. Thank you for your comments Ann.

annart profile image

annart 3 years ago from SW England

This is lovely, Tuatha. Up, beautiful & shared. Is this the one you took out of your collection after reading mine? It makes me feel a whole lot better - you've captured the good memories, the forgiveness and the history of one's soul, as I interpret it, from family. Beautiful, beautiful poem. Ann

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