What Would Life Be Like

What would life be like to have a mother and a father?

My parent doesn’t want me

So they left me here with a stranger

What would life be like to have a brother and a sister?

I don’t know who my real family is

I’m living with a stranger

What would life be like to have uncle, aunt and cousin?

I don’t know who I really am

I’m living in confusion

What would life be like if I have such a family?

But nothing really matter

Because know one want me

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Darknlovely3436 profile image

Darknlovely3436 5 years ago from NewYork

this is what you called a sad write,

anyway from your photo you looks great...

Peace within...

UniquelyIndonesia profile image

UniquelyIndonesia 5 years ago from Indonesia, South East Asia

no need to be sad,,, but it's an honest write actually,,,

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