When Love Comes To Blows.

When Love Comes To Blows.

It comes in the

heated blast of

an angry goodbye,

exhaled with no mercy,
from the lungs of a

suffocating love,

spewing toxic epitaphs.

It roars with acceleration,

gravel spits, and tires squeal

the agony of a lovers exit.

It breathes far too shallow

in courtrooms, as lies suck

oxygen from love's passing.

It comes through an

open window on the

31st floor just before

you exit to eternity.

Broken hearts float like

parachutes over vast fields

of dreams left fallow,
in a desperate bailing out

from the heavens

they once knew.

When heavy breathing

becomes punctuated with sobs,

replacing what were sighs of bliss,
then you are just another dust mote

blown hopelessly across

the tailwinds of despair.

But winds of time are kind,

eventually you will land

in another's arms and find solace.







It Beats The Alternative.




Beaten by him

for the last time,
she bashed his

head in while

he slept off
his drunken rage

against her.

She bagged

his dead flesh
in a couple of hefties,
much like he

thought she was,
then dragged

it to the car,
hauled it to

a landfill,
and buried him

deep amidst the
trash that he

became to her.

She cleaned up

all the evidence,
and watched as

the last drops
of his foul blood

were drained.

Then she filled

the sink and baptized
her wounds with a

clean white wash rag,
and swallowed two Valium

so that she could sleep.

Rats feasted on his

still warm corpse,
while she dreamed

of days to come
without him.







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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Ah- when loves hurts. Sometimes blood squirts!

The only one who wins is a wormy attorney.

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