Where is the best place to write a Hub?

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Best place to write
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Where is the best place to write a Hub?

I decided to create this Hubpage whilst sittingin a hospital bed. I was sat here bored out of my mind thinking up ideas for Hubs that I could write when I get out of hospital. Then I realised, 'why do I have to wait tillI get out of hospital? I have my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 sat here with me and an internet connection. I don't have to wait to write a Hub. I could write one right here!'

Whilst my train of thought went down that route I began to think of other places that you could write a Hub. That is how I got the idea for this Hub. Writing Hubs and articles is fairly easy to do now-a-days due to the evolution of mobile technology. A writer who owns either a laptop, tablet computer or a decent smartphone can write 'on the go' anywhere they want. So if you write regularly for Hubpages it is a good thing that technology gives you the ability to choose where to write your Hubs. Not everybody has a nice quiet place at home where they can write so it is good that these people can grab their tablet or phone, go somewhere quiet and write.

The following is a list of great places you can go to write your Hubs:

  • Garden
  • Garden Shed
  • Hospital
  • Train
  • Plane
  • Coffee shop
  • Beach
  • Park
  • Boat
  • School/college
  • In a bar
  • In a post office queue
  • Library

There are plenty of other places that a person could write a Hub. The best places to write in are places that allow you to concentrate but inspire ideas for Hubs to write. A good example I can give for that is the hospital. There is very little to do when you are a patient except lie in bed, so why not get out your writing technology and write a Hub or two. Also for me the hospitl has inspired several ideas due to snippits of conversation I have heard and things I have experienced.

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