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Many authors come to mind when someone asks me about my favorites, but here are some that come immediately to mind..

Andrew Suzanne - "The Towers of Adrala" He started his trilogy at age 13 and finished it his freshman year in college at age 18. It's a magical fantasy about a mystical water world and four friends who must search for the secrets and solve the puzzles of who destroyed their city. It's much more than I can say without giving away any of the plot - but anyone who loves a good 'get away from it all' fantasy will enjoy it immensely! People who have enjoyed it cannot believe such a young author produced such mature and well written book!

Pat Conroy - One of my favorite books of all time is "The Prince of Tides" - whole paragraphs read like poetry (good poetry). This book is so compelling I literally could not put it down! It is filled with family secrets, intrigue, love and redemption. A great read!

Anne Tyler - "The Accidental Tourist" was the first book I read by this author and I quickly read through every other book she wrote. "The Clock Winder" and "St. Maybe" are among my favorites. Her way with words and quirky characters are a so much fun - she could write the phone book and make it entertaining!

Margaret Atwood is possibly one of Canada's greatest writers of modern fiction. She has a way of expressing herself that will have you saying to yourself, 'Yeah! That's how I feel, but didn't know how to say it!" Her more edgy books have a sci-fi or speculative fiction flare. "A Handmade's Tale" about a world where only a few chosen women are allowed to have babies is truly enthralling. "Oryx and Crake" kept me turning pages way after bedtime. The premise of a world where only a few people have survived a pharmaceutical nightmare is very thought provoking and entertaining. The main character, "Snowman" (a name he gave himself that is explained in the book) tells the story. The book goes back and forth between the Snowman's past, before the 'accident' that destroyed the world, and forward to the present and how he survives day to day and rules his world. Many of her other novels are more down to earth, but are equally unique and worth the read.


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kimgoff1 8 years ago from Spring Grove, PA

Thank you so much for the comment, I appreciate the helpful information!!!

kimgoff1 profile image

kimgoff1 8 years ago from Spring Grove, PA

Thank you so much for the comment, I appreciate the helpful information!!!

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