Nonsense Poem - Who rang the Orang-utang?

Is Nonsense Poetry Dead?

I find nonsense poetry one of the most under used forms of poetry out there in the global poetry world. This I find a great shame as it has a lot to offer the reader. Done well it is as good as any other form of poetry out there, So come on poets, take a break and let your creative powers loose on nonsense poetry, you won't regret it, trust me.

Who Rang the Orang-Utang

"Who rang the Orang-Utang?"

"Not me said the chimpanzee."

"It was the human bean,"

Said the tangerine.

(Well fruit can't really talk.)

Human bean was just a mistake.

"Who ate me stake?"

Hissed the inquisitive snake.

"It wasn't me," buzzed the passing bee,

as he flew passed the tree.

The lepers voice came from up the tree.

"That's very, very funny."

"Where's the furry, furry bunny?"

The half deaf crow squawked.

The leper replied," sin sale, sin sale,

I mean skin scale, skin scale."

He took out his mobile phone out and rang the Orang-Utang,

and asked, “what's up?”

"Now who would that be?" asked the inquisitive monkey.
"It's me, the leper up the tree,"

"You rang Utang, what can I do for you today?" Replied Utang,

then added that it better be important .

"Well it's very lonely up in this tree, all I've got to do all day long is to sit,

on a mat up here."

"Onomatopoeia?" asked Utang.

What has a grammatical device to do with anything?

Get lost," said Utang.

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Sueswan 4 years ago

Hi Tony,

Very clever and funny. You do nonsense poetry well.

Voted up and away!

Tony the writer profile image

Tony the writer 4 years ago from Birmingham, England Author

Thanks, Sueswan. :-)

Luke Spink 4 years ago

I hope you take this as a compliment, but you not only sound similar to Edward even look like him a bit!

Tony the writer profile image

Tony the writer 4 years ago from Birmingham, England Author

Thanks for your comment Luke, now I will have to check out portraits of Edward Lear. Ha, ha,ha.

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