Wild Horse of Dreams. (opiate lie.)

Silence sleeps in a gray Gothic haze

Sullen and swollen

Miles of jaded days

Vomit rivers of regret and gloom

Spun in rivers under a silkened porcelain moon

White watered maelstrom

Voices promise of a secret freedom

Plastic light delirium

Ancient fields of mystic delights emporium

Persuade Glorious dream

Chanting night-birds take flight

catching souls destined for light

Chambered hearts swell and thrive on oozing milk,

pumping the juices of paradise

covered with flowing silk,

Morning never comes

Silvered dawns delay

The sun sleeps

through myriads of deep dark gray

amidst volumes of windless choking air

Causing a hollow dead stare

Blood-letting fruitlessly fake

Blisters the palate for those who take

and consume divine mockery.

Resident time

Stands silent and alone,

bound by gravity's crushing throne.

A guard-less jail

I go wandering through the gates of hell.

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Stephen 22 months ago

I guess this is an indictment of heroin use.

Actioncameron profile image

Actioncameron 6 years ago from Prince George, BC

Heavy stuff Michael. Very well written...

Michael Achilles 7 years ago Author

The gate is deep and wide love conquers the great divide....

Days noted with lavender sent.

Thank you, Ralwus, lyricsingray, and 5ft Angel. your comments are deeply appreciated!!!!!!

tania agosta profile image

tania agosta 7 years ago

...I just feel the same way. THE GATE IS STRAIGHT DEEP AND WIDE... I am so sorry! Thanks for your poems. Thank you very much.

lyricsingray 7 years ago

wow-what talent no doubt my friend-keep writing-thanks, kimberly

ralwus 7 years ago

I'm speechless. 'Tis good, dark, somber and kind of eerie with a hint of Poe.

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