With Love....Mommy

Born a grown man but cries like a baby, you look like me but have your own personality.

I wonder what your future will be. I wonder what your world will be.

My life was once about me, but you came along and worked it out for me.

Like the blessing you are you smiled at me. Like the mother I am I smiled back in glee.

I'm no mother but from another I knew what to do. My life is meaningful because of you.

I will curse whoever hurts you. My life goes on inside of you.

No one is above you. I would put my life on the line for you.

I dream your life will be complete. Your mind, body and soul is drenched in feat.

To my Baby Lamb.....With Love, Mommy

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Olivia 5 years ago

I love all your stories. It's evident that you love your child very much.

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