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Fun with words

Often I get taken in by jokes that are designed to make you either get a wrong answer to a question or by jokes that make me say something stupid about myself.

For instance the question below was once asked of me.


If the plural of Hippopotamus is hippopotami

What is the plural of whatafoolamus?


Whatafoolami (what a fool am I)

Being honest I was a bit of a fool for actually being taken in by it.

Robert: "what's the difference between a cheese Sandwich and a Matta boo boo,

Jenny "What's a matta boo boo"

Robert "Nothing Yogi, I'm ok"

I will let you work that one out for yourself.

Then we come to the pretend tongue twister

Can you say Polish it behind the door 3 times as fast as you can?

Try it and you will find that Polly has left a disgusting message for you behind the door.

Designed to make you say a naughty word.

This is one of my favourites

A Spanish Mix up

A Latino man who spoke no English went into an American department store to buy socks. He found his way to the Men's Wear department where a young lady offered to help him.

"Quiero calcetines" said the man.

"I don't speak Spanish, but we have some very nice suits over here." said the salesgirl.

"No, no quiero trajes. Quiero calcetines." said the man.

"Well, these shirts are on sale this week." declared the salesgirl.

"No, no quiero camisas. Quiero calcetines." repeated the man.

"I still don't know what you're trying to say. We have some fine pants on this rack." offered the salesgirl.

"No, no quiero pantalones. Quiero calcetines." insisted the man.

"These sweaters are top quality." the salesgirl probed.

"No, no quiero sueter. Quiero calcetines." said the man.

"Our undershirts are over here." fumbled the salesgirl, beginning to lose patience.

"No, no quiero camisetas. Quiero calcetines." the man repeated.

As they passed the underwear counter, the man spotted a display of socks and happily grabbed a pair. Holding them up he proclaimed "Eso sí que es!."

"Well, if you could spell it, why didn't you do that in the beginning?" asked the exasperated salesgirl.

"Eso sí que es!" Meaning "That is what it is!"

I love jokes that are a play on words please share your wordplay jokes with me using the comments box below.

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Comments 25 comments

Sybille Yates profile image

Sybille Yates 8 years ago

GReat one! I loved especially the bi-lingual joke ;-) SY

jimmythejock profile image

jimmythejock 8 years ago from Scotland Author

I think that joke is a classic Sybille.....jimmy

bhv 8 years ago

ok if rob is the short form of robert than bob ishe short form of bobert :D *~cricket~*

dundundun 7 years ago

okay, theres 100 people flying over the border between canada and and the u.s and it crashes where do you bury the survivors?

lamiis 7 years ago

What's the difference between roast beef and peasoup? Anyone can roast beef

afnan + maged 7 years ago

how funny? really funny

swanreeta 7 years ago

wat do u call a fish with no eye?


godfather of laughs 7 years ago

If you'd like to help out with the restoration of our local church, give us a bell.

godfather of laughs 7 years ago

Note to myself, don't get mum Snoop Dogg or Eminem albums for christmas she just told me she hates rapping presents.

HomieWithADream 6 years ago

if the plural of fungus is fungi what is the plural of amagaygus?

Reuben 6 years ago

If Andy is short for Andrew, does that mean that Mandy is short for Mandrew? And how about sticking out your leg to trip down Memory Lane?

GriZlore 6 years ago

The most common surname in China is Chang, correct me if you think that's Wong.

ali 6 years ago

Anyone fuckoffy

mee 6 years ago

alpha kenny body

Sunny 6 years ago

If I told you, you have a great body. Would you hold it against me?

Mike Hawk 6 years ago

My Dixie Wrecked

the fungus among us 6 years ago

In spanish, Juan is short for Juanald.

Nate 6 years ago

I couln't understand the bi-lingual joke.

Daniel 6 years ago

@ Nate - say out loud "Eso si que es!"

joker 6 years ago

When you say Eso si que es, it is pronounced

Ess, Oh, See, Kay, Ess (SOCKS!!)

nsa405 6 years ago

My 10 yr old, who's taking beginner Spanish, loved the Spanish Mix Up joke! Thanks so much for posting it!!

patzy 5 years ago

I was on Yahoo Answers and they had the Eso Si que es 'joke' deleted. Go figure. Actually I understand they have a method of teaching Spanish by spelling, that is where I first learned of S-O-C-K-S.

kololo 5 years ago

x angelllllllllllllllllllll

Aaron Beall 5 years ago

what's the difference between a nun and a whore taking a bubble bath? The nun has hope in her soul. XD

what is the difference between a pick pocket-er and a peeping tom? The pick pocket-er spends his time snatching watches!

theres some funny play on words difference between jokes...

Lez 4 years ago

Hold your tongue and say i was born on a pirate ship with a bunch of apples, and see what you get!

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