"Words of a Song"

endless love~

With songs I sing spiritual psalms,
in my heart to give my deepest awe,
for who he is, for endless love,
my spirit reachs upwards still
day by day finding grace in his will
each song expresses who I am
to God above who is all in all,

Once found in sin, lost in life,
tears flowing, being shed, searching
For God, his name, his total power,
to reach and save, and lift me out,
before in abyss deep and darkness
heart and soul were drifting.
Now Shiloh comes and rescues me,
my face to shine in new radiancy,

Each song marks a special place,
that had to come before victory,
as I lift my eyes to heavens throne,
to see the one who cares for me,
and guides me on so hopefully ,
so quietly, skillfully and so surely.

He spoke the words to me, in song;
He lifted my heart in every song,
they come from him, these songs,
the verses speak the words of life
eternal , true and heavenly,
what he wants and his desire,

My prayers will carry me through,
as long as I sing and hold his hands,
all night and all the next day long,
Joy is there for me, to be found,
in refreshing words of each new song~


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guitartunershop 4 years ago

really love this - thank you -

Oscarlites profile image

Oscarlites 4 years ago from Alabama Author

thank you, Guitar tuner.. I used to try to play.. I still have an epiphone .. play rythm only.. ...

guitartunershop 4 years ago

Just keep playing ... and writing! Thank you!

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