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Should books be altered and/or banned in public libraries?

In the news recently, it's been reported that the very popular "50 Shades of Grey" written by E.L. James is not going to be made available at several public libraries. It has also been reported that, at least one, publisher intends on changing the offensive 'n'-word in the classic "Huckleberry Finn". Should books be 'banned' from public libraries? Which books? Who decides? And, should the text of books be altered to avoid offending someone? Which words? In which context? Who should decide which words are offensive?

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junkseller says

4 years ago
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    MickS 4 years ago

    Should we not then ban, say, bomb manuals, or other books that outline 'how to' terrorist, or other criminal activities?

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M. T. Dremer says

4 years ago
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    Graham Gifford (alifeofdesign) 4 years ago

    M.T.Dremer, you add some interesting and thought provoking ideas. When I read your thoughts, I couldn't help but to think of the "Hunger Games" trilogy and the recent headlines surrounding the books' content.

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Grim Master says

4 years ago
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ackman1465 says

4 years ago
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