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Do you believe the stated claim that "Over 50 Million people discover HubPages every month."?

That's a lot of people... And although I am a fan, and participant... That's an awfully big number.

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Best Answer Damodar Bashyal says

4 years ago
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Patty Kenyon says

4 years ago
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Jennifer Stone says

4 years ago
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    Deborah (eHealer) 4 years ago

    Hi Jennifer, I think your right, it's the amount of hits on hubs by search engines. Hubs are ranked high on Google, and I imagine get hits often.

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Dave Rogers (snoblet) says

4 years ago
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    Murphy (CriticalMessage) 4 years ago

    Consider how long they have already made this claim, and with future growth I would say that based on their numbers 1 billion being served is probably closer to 7yrs... Integrity and credibility is often forgotten when it comes to marketing claims.

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