As I Caught the “V” Fly By


As I Caught the “V” Fly By


As I caught the “V”~

Fly by~

I parked my car~

The usual way~

I ponder~

To you I yearn~

To convey.


The sun just trying~

To make its way~

To illuminate the sky~

I reach~

For pen and paper~

To portray for you~

My dawning caper.


The mountain patches~

Bright already touched~

By warming light~

Specifically graced~

I observe the scene~

In place~

On this refreshing escapade.


Scant clouds~

Lowly lurk alone~

At the bottom~

Of vibrant blue~

I choose~

Carefully my words~

I toil to share~

My early first muse.


While etches~

Of naked trees~

Decorate its ending loom~

I write grasping~

Graphic sounds~

To sing you~

This glorious tune.


Evergreens halt~

With defying definition~

The horizon~

For sturdy strong earth~

I think~

More of my surroundings~

I paint you this vass~

Natural GOD given girthing.


The hawk calls~

A morning alarm~

As a jet’s booming~

Round does ring on~

I write to you~

To relay~

And transport yours~

And mine~

As I caught~

The “V” fly by.


I am~

Wishing you~

A wonderful~




“Lisa J. Warner”


“Lisa Luv”



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Loquacious Laura 5 years ago

Are these some of your photos and artwork? Lovely and I am always moved by the geese getting ready for flight this time of year.

Lisa Luv profile image

Lisa Luv 5 years ago from Conneticut, USA Author

Thank You~~~No not my art work..I usaully get my photos from ---they have endless wonderful pictures...

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