kisses and stitches 2

kisses and stitches two

Pain, punishment intimate banishment. forgiving the scars you love giving. kisses, stitches, bitemarks ,and bruises. inflicted escape , this is my fate, belts and bounds screams and sounds,the tears I cry completely useless . kisses & stitches bitemarks & bruises. the fuel to my fire, becoming my desire. your heart is filled with hate. I bare your guilty weight, don't leave leave now there's more of my heart to break. take my will to fight , darkening. my souls light. sharpen your tongue like a knife, in hopes to transfer your pain & strife. then look me in the eye, as I cry . I love you, This why I lie, this is why I leave you black &blue bitemarks and bruises kisses and stitches battered and useless.11/7"15. 2nd version rewritten ~Britt


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