shoot for the stars

Shoot for the Stars

As I shoot for the stars

ever darkness crawling

want to reach every record

and break it.

Go further then anyone before.

Shoot for the stars

see things never seen

do things never done

Shoot for the stars

dream a dreamers dream

As I wander the endless dark

wanting to reach each record and break it.

Wanting searching

seeing the unseen

dreaming the undreamed.

Shoot for the stars

Shoot for the stars

they might shoot back

fight for it

Shoot for the stars

dream a dreamers dream.

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Retta 5 years ago

Love this one!!! I am dreaming a dreamers dream!

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stessily 5 years ago

Coherent, vivid, a treat for the senses. Seeing the unseen, dreaming the undreamed, and dreaming a dreamer's dream are all wishes which impel the poet to crawl through the world's darkness, searching for those shooting stars, especially the ones which shoot back.

Well done. And the image is perfect.

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