sifting thru Sand-Time

 "Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime."

Ernest Hemingway



sifting thru


to Sense a silent terror
a Touch of simple truth
from whence, thy sacred tried
evolved towards, scared tired


when the solace trembles
the words un-spoken true
I wince with scars triumphant
& pray you've seen it through

To my Vietnam Vet mentors Tony Davis & Mark Drinkart who taught me the importance of Brotherhood. I'm forever in their debt.

Hurricane Katrina provided a myriad of tormenting lessons for the vast cross-section of middle America.

The misbegotten discourse could naturally revolve around the flagrant disregard of decades of forewarning with respect to the integrity of deteriorating levees and public officials in New Orleans .

The focus of the discussion to include the appointment of qualified professionals in vital Government positions is mute due to the political gerrymandering of funding redesignated to the more affluent land owners in parishes chosen to be preserved.

Instead, the forum will be upon examination of placing a face on tragedy. As too often is the case, greed takes precedence with respect to humanity and the toll is measured in gravesites for the less influential.

The very notion of sifting through sand can be described as an exercise in futility.

Searching for one particular grain of sand among the multi-Quadrillions is daunting enough.

Futility enters the equation with the realization:

you wouldn't know if you're fortunate enough to find it.

My question is simply this: Is there not a soul on this planet that hasn't sifted through sand?

To the Souls that have prayed to God for resolution of terror in their lives;

To those dealt a losing hand they willingly play;

To those that carry scars for all to see...

sifting though sand is a private nightmare.

and yours is...?


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gjfalcone profile image

gjfalcone 4 years ago from Gilbert, Arizona Author

Hi Femme, always a pleasure, I pray all is well re: your severe headaches. I hope the upcoming cooldown relieves the symptoms.

As for Hemingway, can't say I'm a huge fan although I accept the fact I just may not appreciate his genius.

As for me I continue to work through my current assignment. In the meantime, I'm recycling old writings to keep the dream alive.

Be well and may God Bless you and yours.

profile image

femmeflashpoint 4 years ago


I've never been a fan of Hemingway's writing, but I do appreciate some of his philosophies. :)


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