transitions between Passings.


Transitions between passings.


In those split seconds between
hammer falling on the brass cap,
discharging the gunpowder and
launching a leaded missile into
the frailty of human flesh,

There is a quiet breath drawn,
a set of eyelashes blinking,
a fleeting thought
perhaps the wisp of a daydream,
a yawn, and a turning of the head
at a sudden peripheral disturbance

then that loud CRACK!! comes after
whole flesh is torn asunder,
body tumbles like a badly rolled rug,
brain scrambling through final images
heart pumping leaks through torn tissues,

as the soul quietly exits,
soundless, painless
it hovers over the cooling body,
all reality eternally understood,
as it wings its way,
through soft fluffy clouds
to meet its maker above.

rifle zipped quickly into canvas,
loud scritch as teeth mesh to seal it tight,
feet echo taps of escaping panic
heavy breathing and splats
as droplets of sweat hit the floor,
door slams and motor roars,
tires screech and then...

the day falls silent,
corpse spread arms flung wide
starts its decomposing in quiet gurgles
nature begins its final course,
till bones tumble in one last movement,
of this former human's earthly time.



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