Full Moon...

By: KyAuna Mills

 The seemingly still air brushes against the sensitive hairs of my fur. The earth beneath my padded paws is soft and smells of rich minerals. Nothing moves. I can hear my breath as I trot through the frorest edges in search for my midnight meal. I part my jaws making it easier to breathe. The moon above me watches like a silver guardian of the night, guiding me to my pray like a mother looking after her young. But I am not young, I am grown and I will hunt all night to satisfy the growing displeasure in my stomache. I can feel it complaining at me even now as I walk, I push away the hunger and focuse on what lay ahead. A small sound. My ears perk and I pause in my step. I lower my head to the ground and smell, I cant take my eyes off of the opening ahead. A rabbit I smell just before me, almost not worth my time. My stomache growls a low order and I creep forward obeying its desire. Slowly now, one paw in front of the other and I make my way around my unaware meal. It sits there with its snowy white fur, that always caught in my throat, feasting on a meal of its own. I slink to the ground just a little further and pull myself closer pausing when it did. No more thinking only instinct now, the rabbit is mine dead within a second. I sit back on my haunches and howl at the moon for the victory of my kill then eat it quickly  for the night will be over soon and for me to only to return home the next day a human until the next full moon shall call me away.

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gramarye profile image

gramarye 6 years ago from Adelaide - Australia

Great short story!

YoungWife profile image

YoungWife 6 years ago from Hayden, Idaho Author

=) thank you so very much.

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