walking towards The Way - A Poem

the walrus and the carpenter

never had it so good


had to have babies with ladies


had to go on

existential acid trips with

remarkably successful bugs.

The crustaceans

didn’t fare so well,

afterthoughts never do, y’know

(but I digress—one

of the better qualities of

this errant piece)

Sometimes the damn words and

the damn images

side-slide like unchanneled mercury

thru the farthest chambers

of your mind,

they may start as fat mammals and

noisy hand jobs then

chart their own course to

the ecstasy of the Elysium fields.

y’never know.

the process can be

that uncertain

at times, so

this is not good work for

accountants or dogcatchers.

Other interested parties can

apply by looking for

broken, luminescent shells that

mirror your good side

as a god reborn,

your bad side as an incomplete

line, arcing gently toward itself.

If you find that shell, take it home.

And begin.

© Robert Cook

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diogenes profile image

diogenes 5 years ago from UK and Mexico

Amazing. Smile out loud stuff. "Noisy hand jobs," Ha!

Mine are insipid affairs these days.

Marvellous imagery...world class.


lilyfly profile image

lilyfly 4 years ago from Wasilla, Alaska

I love the last part. As for noisy hand jobs, well... that's definitely a guy thing, but part of life. I think I'm going to try this one from the wonam's perspective, wish me luck.lily

Nordy profile image

Nordy 4 years ago from Canada

great stuff moonfroth, looking forward to more form you!

moonfroth profile image

moonfroth 4 years ago from Rural BC (Canada) & N of Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) Author

Diogenes, Lilyfly, Nordy--thanks to all of you. Glad you enjoyed my little flight of fancy--but two of you need to wash out your mouths with soap! What kind of tradesman would make noise with hand tools? Re-read the first line. Just can't /imagine/ what else you could have been thinking of. . .!

thelyricwriter profile image

thelyricwriter 4 years ago from West Virginia

Voted up, awesome, and interesting. Very interesting perspective of the two Moonfroth. I guess you can say they work hand in hand. Very cool poem. You are very creative in this poem.

moonfroth profile image

moonfroth 4 years ago from Rural BC (Canada) & N of Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) Author

Hey LW! good to "see" you again. Thanks for the up vote.

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