2008 Interior Design Trends - Invidia

'Invidia' is the must have interior style of 2008/2009. Taking its influences from the 80's, this 'Black on Black' styling is ultra cool and a sign of true taste. Using blacks with metallics such as gold and bronze, the interiors are brought to life with flashes of colour. The only real draw back to such a room is only doing half a job. Attempting to turn 'Invidia' into a feature wall rather than the whole room will ruin the flow.

Furniture, as with all interiors is as important as the colours you've chosen. Leather and velvet are the material of choice, and dark shades such as black or dark purple work well with the dark wall, however, black leather chairs with brushed aluminium legs and arm rests work really well and the metal finish adds depth.

As for accessories, big and bold works well. Huge mirrors with gold frames, large retro canvas prints with flashes of yellows and pinks with black can add warmth to the room. Or to show how trendy you are, take some stencil art and hang it in a classic oversized Gold leaf frame.The best thing about this scheme is the ability to be as bold as your willing to go, really push the boat out.

Blacks work well with Natural Metals like Bronze and Gold
Blacks work well with Natural Metals like Bronze and Gold
Trend Colour Swatch
Trend Colour Swatch

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issues veritas 7 years ago

How does Invidia compare to Art Deco?

Is there a decorating style that would take say Invidia and add a vibrant color for highlighting purpose. Colors other than silver or gold?

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

Art Deco mainly used a softer main colour, like white and off whites, with some soft yet vibrant colours, like aqua. Invidia Goes for the darker major colour (ie black) with metallic highlights.

You can use any metalic colour, gold, silver, bronze, copper, brushed aluminium. You can also get away with whites and greys, but in small quantities.

issues veritas 7 years ago


Thanks for the clarification.

I can see a use for both Art Deco and Invidia. bit it wouldn't be my choice for an interior design, with the exception of maybe an office.

I did like the picture of the water with what looked like the Sun for contrast.

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

Your welcome.

It can work in offices, but during 2008 it was mainly used for bachelor pads as its ultra-cool and modern.

Not my cup of tea, but popular.

issues veritas 7 years ago


Thanks for the reply, I agree with your assessment.

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