Becoming a Gardener - A Poem

Here is a silly simple-minded poem about the urge to garden, and how I became acquainted with the challenges posed by the neglected half acre that became my home.

A frustrated young gardener

Trapped in a third floor flat,

I yearned to have a plot of land,

A hoe, and a sun hat.


My lanai had two pots on it,

Each one with a worm in it.

Healthy, big tomato plants:

Hybrid, indeterminate.


I married, and we bought–a steal–

A ranch out in the ‘burbs.

I jumped for joy and put in bulbs

And culinary herbs.


The trees all needed pruning

And the weeds were five feet tall.

But underneath were raised beds

And a stately old rock wall.


My nemesis became a tree

That hosts a plague of beetles,

And those poorly-chosen woodchips–

They give slivers sharp as needles!


My heroes are the honeybees:

A blessing on this planet.

All hail, in turn, the plant food stakes

That saved my pomegranate!


I've learned to wait, and watch and hope,

By growing things from seeds.

I've reveled in the therapy

One gets from pulling weeds.


From Oregon I ordered

Compost activation kits,

The worms now have a paradise,

And we’re swamped with cucurbits.


Many months, dollars, tears,

Toils, and curses later,

It’s civilized, almost (not quite)

And I’m a cultivator.


Sometimes, on warm evenings,

I miss the urban scene,

But I can visit, and the tradeoff

Is, my thumbs are finally green.


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LeonJane profile image

LeonJane 7 years ago from Australia

Great poem, there is nothing like growing your own fruit and veggies, no matter how hard or laborious the process may be.

Heuchera profile image

Heuchera 7 years ago Author

Thanks, LeonJane! We relish our extremely local produce, and the hard work can sometimes be a reward in itself.

Moulik Mistry profile image

Moulik Mistry 6 years ago from Burdwan, West Bengal, India

You are a poet gardener, very well done...

Heuchera profile image

Heuchera 6 years ago Author

Thanks, Moulik Mistry! I am honored by your kind words.

katyzzz profile image

katyzzz 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

I loved every nonsensical word of it, and I'm tempted to get out there with my gardening gloves ( yet to be purchased)

Heuchera profile image

Heuchera 6 years ago Author

Thank you, and happy digging!

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