Chic and Trendy Bathroom Bins For A Neat and Tidy Bathroom

A bathroom is worth using only when kept neat and clean. How can you keep a bathroom neat and clean? Yes by keeping all the things stacked up and in a proper organised way. One of the important accessories for a neat bathroom is the bin.

wicker bins
wicker bins

I had been to a friend’s house for night stay. In the morning when I went for a bath I saw her bathroom was quite spotlessly clean. Impressed by the neatness I open one of the cabinets for a shampoo pouch. I took one sachet and saw it was already used up, then took another and then another. So many empty shampoo sachets in the cabinet, they should have been in the bin rather than in the cabinet, finally after searching I found one which was intact. I gathered the empty sachets for throwing away and looked around but there was no waste basket or a bathroom bin.

stainless steel push top bins
stainless steel push top bins

Her bathroom definitely looked beautiful upfront, but it was neither well organised nor well equipped. A waste basket or a bin is very essential accessory for the bathroom. You can throw away all the used pouches, soap wraps and many other things into it to be disposed off later. This way the cabinets and the countertops do not remain cluttered with the packaging and wrappers of used products and remain always neat and clean.

All the used toilet paper rolls, shampoos and conditioner sachet, all the soap wrappings, any empty bottles that you do not want to or cannot reuse can all go immediately go into the bin rather than lie there in a cabinet or the counter waiting eternally to be disposed off.

wooden waste bins
wooden waste bins
classic bathroom bins
classic bathroom bins

There are bathroom bins available not only in various colours but also various materials right from the various stainless steel designs to the plastics to the cane and wicker basket designs. There are bathroom bins with simple lids, some with push tops and some pedal bins. Some of the bins are trendy and chic but have no lids. Bins with lids are better than those without a lid especially when it’s being used for a bathroom. You can also buy some of the branded products like the Croydex 3 Litre Pedal Bin to last longer and look new for a very long time.

pedal bins
pedal bins

A bathroom is good only when it looks neat, and you can easily get what you want handy and well kept. There should no unnecessary objects in the bathroom creating clutter. The waste bins for the bathroom are available n various styles, designs colours and sizes. Choose the best one suitable for the interiors and keep the bathroom clean and equipped. For More information visit Victorian Plumbing

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formosangirl profile image

formosangirl 5 years ago from Los Angeles

Hi Carriethomson, I like seeing the different designs.

I notice that in some people's houses "neat" is not synonymous with "functional." When I have commented to relatives or friends that their kitchen is so neat and clean, their responses were that they never used the kitchen. I am going to have to use our guest bathroom when it is done to make sure that it is functional for my guests.

carriethomson profile image

carriethomson 5 years ago from United Kingdom Author

hey well said formosan girl neat should always be together with useful and functional!! And that you know only once you start using and what little changes and additions you need to make!

thanks for the great comments!!


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