Controlling Ants in the Garden

Controlling Ants in the Garden

Ants in the household can be a nuisance and not only be destructive but make life unpleasant for everybody. They need, where possible, to be eliminated and people will search out the best ant killer product. Eradication is the aim.

Within the garden it is different. It is our world but it is ant world as well. Small numbers of ants are beneficial to the garden and their presence means that we need to use less chemicals to destroy more harmful garden pests. Although some people may be bothered to find that a plant is covered in ants they should really ask themselves why. The chances are that the ants are there to collect sugars that the plants are excreting and will move on in a day or so. Perhaps they are there collecting greenfly which are the creatures that are really damaging your plants. Give it some thought before you take action.

Ants Exploring


Plants That Repel Ants

Ants in the garden or yard are a sign that your garden is healthy, it has life and life has a way of balancing numbers out. Things will get out of proportion if edible rubbish is left lying around, perhaps from a Bar-B-Q or even because of overfeeding the birds.

Depending on the species of ant in your garden or yard you could make them feel unwelcome by planting to repel. There are certain plants that some ants truly hate. These include spearmint, catnip, peppermint amongst others. Attractive plants in their own right. A few of these dotted around your borders will keep ants at bay though not necessarily away. If you know where the nest is you could pour boiling water down it one day and vinegar the next. Repeat over a week. They may well thake the hint and move on.

Ant and Aphids


Take Control

If you really do seem to have too many ants then you need to take control. Take a look at the products which are available. Look for ‘organic’, ‘non-toxic’ and ‘natural’ preparations for controlling ants in the garden.

It is possible to use home made preparations for garden ant control and many of these are affective in the short term. At the end of the day it is probably best to go for those propriety brands as they cut out the need for mixing up your ant killer for the garden each time you need them.

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