Dining Room Tables and Chairs Buying Tips

Take your time buying dining room tables and chairs. Photo credit: StefZ @flickr
Take your time buying dining room tables and chairs. Photo credit: StefZ @flickr

Why Buying Dining Room Table and Chairs Is an Important Buying Decision

When shopping for dining room tables and chairs, keep in mind that this is a very important decision. A dining room set will probably be the focal point for all of the holidays and any special occasions. So take your time when choosing dining room tables and chairs.

If you choose wisely, your dining room furniture will be an investment that will pay you back handsomely with lots of happy memories. However, if you make a hurried buying decision, you may be stuck with dining room tables and chairs that are uncomfortable, don't match your lifestyle or family, or both. Or worse, you could be buying a dining room set in just a couple of years because your initial dining room home furnishings either aren't good quality, or you just hate them too much.

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Dining Room Tables and Chairs Must be Comfortable

The first area to check when buying dining room tables and chairs should be comfort. Don't assume because it's furniture that the dimensions are correct. Actually pull out the chairs and sit in them. Are they too low? Is the table high enough that a person can sit comfortably and completely under the table? Is there room under the table for diners to sit without their feet or legs knocking into each other?

Above all else, dining room tables and chairs have to be comfortable. Hopefully, people will be comfortable enough sitting at your new dining room furniture that memorable conversations will continue long after the meal is finished. Your dining room furniture isn't worth much no matter how much it costs or how beautiful it looks if no one ever uses it.

Buy the Best Quality Dining Room Furniture Possible

Speaking of cost, buy the highest quality dining room furniture that you can afford. As mentioned earlier, dining room furniture is a huge investment. It can be handed down along with lots of family memories if you buy quality furniture. Try to buy well-made dining room furniture constructed of mostly solid wood.

Questions to Consider Before Buying a Dining Room Table and Chairs

Think about how often you will use your new dining room tables and chairs and the purpose for which you want to use them. Will they only be used a couple of times a year or at every meal? For holidays only? Consider these questions carefully. If you are going to use them for holidays, will you need more chairs or a bigger table?

Dining Room Furniture Layout

Another thing to consider other than the table size and number of chairs is the layout of the dining room itself. Measure the size of the room and note the placement of doors, windows, and any other furniture. Make sure that you don't buy dining room table and chairs that are too big to move around easily. On the flip side, don't buy a dining room set that seems dwarfed by a large dining room.

Last Consideration Before Buying a Dining Room Table and Chairs

The new dining room tables and chairs should fit in with the rest of the home. If there is currently furniture in the dining room, the new dining room set should look appropriate with the older furniture.

Of course, this rule can be broken. Many people like an eclectic look when decorating.

More Tips for Buying Dining Room Tables and Chairs

Dining sets come in many styles. There are dining room sets and kitchen table and chairs. If you want formal dining room furniture, decide on a favorite wood for the dining table. Cherry or a maple dining table both look classic. Any type of farmhouse table looks perfect as casual kitchen tables.

Browse online to get a feel for the types of dining room tables and chairs you prefer. You can also get an idea of price ranges, too. This gives you an advantage before actually buying your dining room table and chairs in the store.

You can even buy your dining room table and chairs online. It saves you time, effort, gas, and often money.

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Dining Room Tables and Chairs Buying Tips 4 comments

ocbill profile image

ocbill 6 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

I've always liked the dark wood Asian style chairs.


Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

Thank you for a lovely hub with a great collection. I love solid oak furniture.

joncento profile image

joncento 6 years ago from Australia

I think comfort is the primary thing when buying dining chairs

sandeep15r profile image

sandeep15r 18 months ago from New Delhi

Yes, when it comes to buying dining room furniture, comfort is a must.

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