Ear Light

It is surprising that someone did not come up with the idea of the Ear Light years ago. There are head torches and lights on key fobs. Flashlights come in sizes from tiny to nearly a metre long. Head torches are invaluable for caving or catching frogs at night. Sometimes though these are all just a bit too big or cumbersome for the job. What is needed is a comfortable lightweight solution for an everyday situation. The Ear Light fits the role perfectly.

Ear Light

Ear Light
Ear Light

As the name suggest the Ear Light is an ultra lightweight light that fits snugly over the ear. It has an adjustable beam which you can direct exactly where you want it to shine. This may be towards the ground if you were walking from your car to your house at night or to spotlight a book if you were reading in bed. The Ear Light is the perfect tool for so many everyday situations where just a little bit more light is needed.


Taking up very little space the ear light can easily be carried in a pocket or handbag. Ideal for those emergency situations there should always be one in the kitchen drawer and car glove compartment.


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