Curb Appeal Improvement

Front House

Roof Top Deck Over Garage
Roof Top Deck Over Garage
Entire Front House
Entire Front House
Elevation of New Plan
Elevation of New Plan

April 22

We're trying to save this house from becoming part of the ecosystem. First it was carpenter ants and dry rot which is a funny concept because it is caused by water then a roof that wasn't really a roof and now we're dealing with a roof top deck that is absorbing water. Here in the PNW or Pacific Northwest for those not living here, absorbing water is not a good thing and can quickly destroy a home. So, we are attempting to act with haste whilst being diligent with the research. Although roof top decks are common around here it is nearly impossible to find a contractor willing to repair/replace these with any kind of references and only very minimal warranties at a pretty high cost. So, we decided this roof top deck is not important to us, we have other outdoor living spaces which are highly valued here which are more private and closer to the living areas of the house anyway. The architect, Robert Bonner ( has been hired, he is fun, bright, willing to listen and consider my thoughts on the matter which is a breath of fresh air during these past 10 months in this place we lovingly like to call "The House That Keeps on Giving".  Now we are researching the more minor details like which roofing materials can be used, can we have a copper rain chain with a metal roof or will a battery effect cause corrosion, can we have a little closet to hide the hose and faucet to give the front of the house a clean look. Then, when will it all be done so we can start the bidding process and selection for the contractor who will do this work. The window of opportunity to do this kind of work here and then have the whole house painted is short due to the rainy season which is not 12 months a year but close. Next post will include some pictures of the options, the existing deck and the results of our research.

Current & Future

Attached are photos of the roof top deck and front of the house and another of the elevation drawing from the architect with the deck replaced by a roof.  We want to roof it with an Energy Star roof due to the tax credits and because it is the right thing to do.  We also want the house to have a nice curb appeal when it is all done and painted.  We have limited options in roofing products due to the low slope of the roof.  I’m still calling companies to find out about the metal roof option and also PVC options.  Do any of you get exasperated when sales people do not return your calls?  Isn’t that what they want, a buyer for their product?  Oh well, hopefully tomorrow I’ll hear and we can make more decisions on some of the lesser albeit important details.

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lyle.bush 7 years ago

hmmm, sounds familiar :)

Jeannie 7 years ago

It sounds like you're having way to much fun. Should hit the PNW wineries.

curt 7 years ago

helloo- trying to remember your roof deck. you might be able to find a steel version of the Japanese drain. - although copper patina is better than rusty patina (depending on your asthetics). a screened in porch or launi would seem like a possibility. (have you replaced part of your roof already?) You could also take a ceramics class and build a version out of ceramic(with a little midwest enginuity.) If you did a high fire claybody I think you would be all right -I kinda remember your roof deck didn't seem like it would be a place you would hang out. When I saw it I thought a teenager would use it as a way to escape the house. I have seen some pvc decking that should not absorb water, I Copper roof and a Copper drain with some large redwood or cedar timbers/posts. -then keep the membrane roof on the rest of the house. a friend of mine has a almost fake front roof peak with a flat roof on the rest of the house. I have heard of a galvanized welded roof- I also think of a solarium- a room to soak up as much light as possible. Well good luck on the process.

Muse Peggy profile image

Muse Peggy 7 years ago Author

Yes, many options have been considered and a few still in consideration. There is always an issue with budget. thanks for checking in.

Patsy Botts 7 years ago

Hey Peggy, Sorry I missed you during your trip to Denver, and during our trip to the PNW. Wow, people's schedules. I heard things are going well for you and Lyle. The house looks great and your plans sound great. I am so happy for the two of you. We will never get over the void at GAC, but somehow manage to survive (not as well). You were such an asset to the club and such a friend to us all. We will always miss you. Patsy

Muse Peggy profile image

Muse Peggy 7 years ago Author

Thanks Patsy. I miss everyone there as well. Thanks for checking out the blog - stay posted more to come - :) Hopefully one of these trips we'll connect.

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