How to Fix Leaks With Spray Liquid Rubber

Flex Seal is an example of spray on rubber for repairing small leaks.
Flex Seal is an example of spray on rubber for repairing small leaks. | Source

As a contractor, it is not a good idea to run around using a product like Flex Seal for every water penetration issue that comes around. However, it does work well for repairing small leaks that are not effectively solved by using traditional caulks or silicones. Here are a few general uses for spray on liquid rubber that the product actually works perfectly for:

Gutter end cap leaks - Gutter leaks are usually very small but they are very difficult to seal properly. Using rubberized spray can fill the leaks quickly and stop the leaking. It works very well on leaking gutter end caps. The surface just needs to be clean. It can be wet, just not submerged.

Chimney Saddles - The area behind a chimney that is shaped like a V in order to move water around the chimney is called a saddle. What can happen is during the installation process the area along the top edge of the saddle where it meets the chimney can have a small gap. This is a great place to install the spray on liquid rubber which will last significantly longer than standard roof tar.

Sidewall Flashing

Where roof lines meet the walls of a house, there can be a lot of water running down these areas making them prone to leaks. If the step flashing is not under the siding enough or the step flashing does not overlap enough, these areas can leak regularly. Spraying the step flashing with the rubber will protect against the water wicking back underneath the flashing and prevent minor leaks.

These are just a few uses for liquid spray rubber that I have used to prevent further water penetration. It should be understood though that this product is only good for small repairs and is not designed to fix large leaks or fill large gaps that are causing issues. Those types of fixes will have to be more involved and require proper flashing and installation of roofing materials.

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