Free Samples, and Where to Get them.

Yeah, I am a big fan of free stuff! I mean who isn't? My quest began when we first moved here, and one of the main high lights of my day was getting the mail. I know it sounds sad, but I am a house wife, what do you expect? I realized that there were so many different places online that I could get 100% free samples. So, I started ordering things in mass quantities. Basically anything you could imagine, and it started coming. Its a great way to try out things before you buy them, and its always fun to get packages!

There are two sites in which I use regularly to get free samples and those are:, and Both of them have a wide arrange of categories that you can choose from. A few are as follows: Household, Beauty, Pet Supplies, Office Supplies, free magazines, free food samples, and free clothing. Another good place to get free samples is from, they often give 100% free samples of beauty and pet supplies.

When you're signing up for free samples be advised that you will probably only receive about 50% of what you order. The shipments of your samples can take anywhere from a few weeks, to a couple of months. Most of the time I completely forget about what I've ordered, and then I receive it. Its a nice little surprise when I receive a package that I wasn't expecting to receive. You'd be surprised by how many free samples there are out there just waiting for you to grab them. I couldn't believe how many companies offered free stuff, you just need to be looking in the right place!

Good luck on your venture for free samples, Its a lot of fun anticipating their arrival. Also, don't be scammed. If it sounds too good to be true, well, it probably is. In my research I have realized that typically if there is a long survey involved, you'll never see your free sample. Also, watch out for "trial" samples. These typically ask for a credit card number, and are almost impossible to cancel. You will end up with strange charges to your card for months afterwards. If you have to enter a credit card, then it isn't free!

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