Buy Goose Down Royal Duvets for a Warm and Sung Nights Sleep

A Goose Down Duvet Will Keep You Warm and Snug

A goose down duvet is a wonderful way to keep warm on snug on even the coldest winter nights. If you consider that geese migrate regularly through some of the worlds coldest regions and they have nothing but their feathers to keep them warm, you know those feathers have to be good at holding their heat in.

There are a few different types of goose down that a duvet cover can be filled with. The warmest down type is reported to be Hungarian goose down. I do imagine that penguin down would be warmer, but that would not really be feasible, it's just not going to be something that can be sourced cheaply or ethically. White goose down is the most common fill in goose down duvets and the improvement on that type is Siberian goose down.

What exactly does all this mean for your duvet? Well ultimately duvets are rated by a tog system, indicating the level of warmth it will give, a higher number meaning more warmth. A high tog rated duvet with the more common white goose down will be heavier then the equivalent tog rated Hungarian goose down duvet. I personally prefer a heavier duvet as I like to feel the weight on me as I fall to sleep but if I wanted something for when I travel with then the lighter weight duvet would be preferable.

I should mention here that the tog rating system is the way duvets are rated in Europe, especially in the UK. The American system is closer to how down jackets are rated. This system is the fill power and measures the quality of down used, a higher number is better. If you find a duvet cover that looks to be just the thing for you but are unsure of what the fill power means it is best to contact the seller for that particular make and model of duvet cover, it may well even come about that a more exact rating system becomes a must for sellers if they keep getting questions about the more vague system they use now.

Cleaning your Goose Down Duvet

Cleaning a goose down duvet can be a bit of a tricky job. The feathers can end up clumping up and thus not hold the warmth as effectively. The other problem of having the feathers lump together is that they will take longer to dry if you air dry your laundry. The heat used for a tumble drier (as well as high temperature washes) can also damage the feathers so it is important to follow the cleaning instructions that come with your duvet.

One way to minimize how often you will actually need to wash your duvet is to use a duvet cover. A duvet cover works just the same as a pillow case. Your goose down duvet is encased in the duvet cover and can be swapped for a clean one when it gets soiled. The duvet cover is of course much easier to clean as it is like a very large pillow case or bed sheet.

I love having duvet cover sets so that my pillow cases match my duvet cover and fitted sheets. I find something very appealing about having the bed linens match, maybe because I am a girl, who knows! I love that one set of pillows and duvet can be continuously used with different covers that have different patterns and colors.

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