How To Clean A Coffee Maker

Ever wake up in the morning and start that first drip of your favorite coffee? How the smell permeates our nostrils with the smell of waking up? Maybe even with Folgers in your cup. All kidding aside did you know most people only clean their coffee pot and filter tray and never the actually dripping machine?

All over the country people will get sick this year because of the hard water deposits and stains that will clog there coffee makers this year. Most end up throwing them away along with the money they spent on it. But, there are natural ways to disinfect the coffee pot, so that your next cup of coffee actually taste like coffee.

Remember when you first bought the coffee pot and tasted that fresh cup of coffee over time your coffee taste more and more like gasoline. It’s because it has not been cleaned. Using a straightforward mixture of vinegar, which most of us already have in our cabinets and 2 parts water you can significantly clean your coffee pot. Pour the vinegar and water into the water catcher in the back and turn it on. Let it run through its normal cycle and remember to turn it off after 15 or 20 minutes.

Then just rinse and repeat as needed but always use a new mixture and not the same one. If, it is undoubtedly clogged then add one part Clorox bleach as well and rinse the machine remarkably well afterwards. So, that the vinegar and water have been entirely removed from the machine and the coffee pot below.

Doing this cleaning on a monthly basis will help you fight off that pesky taste of stale coffee.It will allow you to maintain a fresh brew every morning when you wake up. When you wake up the next morning and pour yourself that fresh cup of coffee. Your first thought will be why you did not clean your coffee pot out regularly before. The coffee will taste better then you have ever tasted it before. Stay and watch the video below and learn from the experts on how to properly clean your coffee machine.

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