How To Hang Your Canvas


So you've bought a piece of canvas art, its turned up and now its time to hang it up, but what are your options? This article looks at the easiest ways to hang your canvas art.

Canvas With Mirror Plates Mounted On Inside
Canvas With Mirror Plates Mounted On Inside
Canvas With Mirror Plates Mounted On Outside
Canvas With Mirror Plates Mounted On Outside

Mirror Plates

Mirror plates are possibly the most common way of hanging a canvas. These small brass mounts are easy to find (available from most hardware stores and some high street stores) and very cheap! (Wicks in the UK sells a pack of 8 for 89p)

There are two ways to mount using mirror plates. On the inside is the easier, cleaner option. All you need is 2 screws on the wall and you can literally drop the canvas onto the screws.

Mounting on the outside is more secure as you can screw the whole canvas to the wall, but you do have the mirror plate showing which is not to everyone's tastes.

Canvas Shown With Wire Hanging Method
Canvas Shown With Wire Hanging Method


The next way to hang a canvas is with some wire. Attach to either side of the canvas, tighten, and then just slide the whole canvas onto a screw. Relatively cheap and easy to carry out, the wire method has been used for many years to hang all kinds of art and is very popular. The only real draw back is the ease in which the canvas will rotate and you'll be forever straightening it out.

3M Command Strip
3M Command Strip

3M Command Strip

For the last 2 months here at WHoArtNow we've been testing the new 3M command strip system and have to admit to being very impressed by it. It may not be the cheapest method of hanging a canvas but the ease in which you put them up and take them down (no drilling, and no marks on the wall) make it perfect for people in rented accommodation or want a simple way to hang their artwork.


The choice of course is up to you, but personally (and I have many canvas prints hanging this way myself) I'd recommend the use of the 3kg bathroom Command Strips to hang your canvas.There strong, cheap (about £3 for a pack of 2) and very hardwaring.

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