How to Install a Kitchen Hood for a Range Stove


What is a kitchen hood? It is the kitchen fixture above the stove that removes the cooking air from the kitchen. They can be as simple as recirculating air and removing particles from the air, or sophisticated systems with ductwork to remove the air to the outside. Things needed to install a kitchen hood:

  • New hood and manufacturer's hood kit
  • Instruction manual
  • Knowledge of where the circuit breaker is and basic home electrical wiring
  • Tools as needed: electric drill, hand held screwdriver, hex-head driver, measuring tape, level, heavy duty stapler (to strap any wires down), grounding screw (should be inside the hood kit), and more as needed as described in the manual

Below are some great links and videos for those interested in changing the kitchen venting system or replacing an old one with a newer model.

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whitton profile image

whitton 6 years ago

Nice Hub. These are two great DIY videos for installing a kitchen hood stove.

R Shelton profile image

R Shelton 6 years ago from California, USA Author

Thanks - After watching the first one, I'm almost confident I could install one alone (with a lot of help). Well, almost...thanks for stopping by!

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