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I love a good bed with all the perfect accoutrements, including a featherbed, feather comforter, and great sheets. Soft, airy sheets are key to a good night's sleep, and will soothe even the most worried mind. Get the thought out of your mind that you have to settle for cheap Wal-mart sheets, you deserve better. This doesn't mean that you have to spend an arm and a leg though, there are many great sheets out there that are reasonably priced. Below I have broken down sheet type by material. Within each material there is a lot of variation in quality, and some materials are inherently softer than others. Browse through the options and pick out your favorite, and don't be afraid to treat yourself to some decent bedding!

If you are trying to be more green, feel free to stop by my Hub "Why Choose Eco-Friendly Sheets".


Cotton is the most common material used to make sheets, and is often the cheapest option. The most important factor when buying cotton sheets is thread count. These two words will determine whether your sheets feel like a gunny sack or a cloud. The lower the thread count is on your sheets, the scratchier they will be. The threads in lower thread count sheets are larger and more widely spaced. Thus, you feel the tiny bumps in the weaving and the largeness of the threads. The lowest thread count sheets are about 200. The higher the thread count goes however, the finer the threads and the softer the sheets. A decent set of sheets that won't set you back too much cost wise will have about a 400 thread count. I find these sheets perfectly soft, and they grow more comfortable with washing. Cotton sheets are my summer sheets because they breathe well and are light and cool.


Flannel sheets are a variation on cotton sheets except they are fuzzier and much warmer. Flannel sheets come in many fun prints, but also come in solid colors as well. With flannel thread count is less of an issue, but you still want quality sheets. Don't buy sheets where the fluff is too loose, this will result in annoying pills after washing which make the sheets bumpy. Flannel is great because it is very warm for winter bedding. I love cuddling up with cocoa, a book, and a snowy January night in some good flannel sheets.

Beech Sheets

Beech sheets are made from beech wood in a cellulose based process that's similar to the production process of rayon. The resulting fabric is called "modal", but is marketed as beech sheets. Modal is a very fluid and silky fabric, and is extremely soft to the touch. Beech sheets are also very reasonable price wise, a queen size set won't run you more than $40. Because it's not quite as breathable as cotton I use beech sheets as my spring sheets, when it's not freezing anymore, but the nights can still get cold.


The ultimate in luxury sheets, silk is heaven for any sheet lover. I personally have never been able to afford silk sheets, but I have felt them before, and the feeling is incomparable. It's like being in a sensous cocoon that caresses your whole body. Silk can be cool to the touch, but can also warm up with your body heat. If you have enough extra cash to buy a set of silk sheets, consider yourself a very lucky person.

Keep an Eye Out

Keep an eye out for other products breaking on to the market as well. I have a set of sheets that are microfiber, and they are basically like the microfiber fuzzy blankets you can buy at the store. They do a great job of keeping us warm in the dead of winter (-10 degrees). Find out what you like and stick with it, and don't compromise! Save your money for a few weeks, and you'll have what you want.

Still want to "pimp" your bed? (I should have my own TV show). Try visiting my Hub "How to Make a Firm Mattress Softer" to spend your nights in a fluffy cloud.

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02SmithA profile image

02SmithA 8 years ago from Ohio

Good hub. I find myself gravitating toward those with the highest thread counts, but they sure are expensive!

moonlake profile image

moonlake 8 years ago from America

I also love a nice made bed. Iron your sheets makes a world of difference on how they feel. Also hang them on the line they smell so good.

Enjoyed your hub.

ANSHU 7 years ago


Barry 7 years ago

Just thought that i would mention that i bought a set of queen bed sheets from the company sleepsosoft,they are the best sheets that i have ever slept on,thank you so much sleepsosoft for the great service.

Tom 6 years ago

In my opinion, thread count doesn't necessarily translate into the best sheets. The best sheets we have ever bought were microfiber sheets. They are extremely soft and last incredibly long. They also don't pill.

CennyWenny profile image

CennyWenny 6 years ago from Washington Author


I agree, sometimes material makes a huge difference. I can only dream of sleeping on silk sheets, and have only felt them once. What kind of microfiber sheets do you have? My beech sheets have all experienced a slight pilling.

Maluly 6 years ago

Look up Spalena sheets from Costco or Comphy Co. sheets.

Best Bed Sheets 6 years ago

Hi! Thanks for these tips on sheets. I liked your suggestion of going for 400 thread count in cotton. I'll try that. I focus on keeping my sheets clean but have never had really high-quality sheets. Also, I learned a new word in your hub, "accoutrements". Thanks, David

Glenny 6 years ago

I bought sheets (400 tc) at Wal-Mart & while they are perfect when the bed is freshly made, the second night they have started coming untucked. With a 17" king size matress I can barely lift it to tuck them in and do not have the time every morning, hence, every night is a wrinkled mess. Any suggestions on sheets with decent elastic that stays tightly tucked?

CennyWenny profile image

CennyWenny 6 years ago from Washington Author

Glenny-I'm assuming you're speaking of the bottom fitted sheet since you mention elastic? I've actually never had that come undone but boy would it bug me beyond all belief if it did! First thing, did you buy a king size sheet or maybe a California King on accident? That could give you too much sheet and cause that problem. Other than that as far as brands go I'm a big fan of Charter Club, they last a LONG time and are very soft sheets.

Meagan 6 years ago

What's better, egyptian cotton or regular cotton?

CennyWenny profile image

CennyWenny 6 years ago from Washington Author

Meagan-Egyptian cotton is said to have a longer staple (longer in length) so it's smoother and silkier. Of course, a product can say "Made with Egyptian Cotton" and only contain a small amount, so read labels carefully.

Linda 6 years ago

What about linen sheets? Good, bad????

CennyWenny profile image

CennyWenny 6 years ago from Washington Author

Linda-Ihave to be honest, I haven't tried any, but now I want to so I can let you know! When I get my next AdSense check I'll invest in some and let you know the results.

Red Barn Ventures 5 years ago

I liked the writing about keeping you dog cool in the summer.

My German Shepherd likes to sleep on my bed using her own fleece on top of my Egyptian 100% cotton sheets. you can see her picture on by home page. Thanks for the offer to comment. This is the first time for me.

Best Bed Sheets 5 years ago

I live in a tropical climate where the coldest it gets is the mid-60s. Personally, I prefer to sleep with 400-thread count cotton sheets. I think it's important to have a few sets so I can change them every three or four days to keep them feeling fresh and comfortable.

Need cold sheets only! 5 years ago

Which are the coldd sheets? Isn't it the ones hotels carry? What are they? Cotton? Thread? How bout Egytian 100% cotton, are they cold? That's what i care about but not rough either. Help?

CennyWenny profile image

CennyWenny 5 years ago from Washington Author

Silk is very cool, but really pricey too. Your most reasonable option would be high quality cotton, it breathes best. Linen might work well too. Don't buy synthetic sheets (ie: microfiber) because they don't breathe!

wbwowrld 3 years ago from Michigan

I think the one's we carry are nice, but I hate advertising for people. I'm always looking to better my things for my customers, but sometimes, it is unaffordable if not in the United States. and they are only around 24.99 to sometimes 45.00 at the most.

To Linda above, I'm a former buyer for three department stores, Linen is very airy and cool, but can be a bit gruffer to the touch. It depends on the maker and content blends. They would be wonderful for hotter climates, but not sure I want them for winter months. Just think about Linen pants, they wrinkle, they need ironing, they shrink???

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