How to fix a noisy toilet that runs, stops and keeps filling back up

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How to fix a toilet that is making noise keeps refilling

Have you ever had your toilet run and make dripping noises,then refill again. Well here is the simple and easy cure. Most toilets that do that have a bad flapper valve in it. They are really easy and quick to fix. Save a ton of money on a plumber. Cost of flapper is around $5.00 Time to fix is app. 15 minutes. The reason they usually fail is because the rubber wears out and/or cracks or sediment gets under the bottom of flapper.

Tools needed Cutters

A Flapper. I suggest the rubber ones They can be bought in any Hardware store or where you buy Plumbing Materials.

1.Take lid off top of toilet.

2.Turn water off at valve. This should be found on the wall or on the floor on the left side of the toilet.

3.Push the flush handle to empty water out of toilet tank. Water at this time should not be running into toilet to refill it. If it is then turn water off at where it comes into the house. I have replace these Valves with a small flow of water but it is NOT SUGGESTED.

4. Photo C shows a Flapper valve that came loose and fell into the opening it is suppose to close off the tube. Photo D shows a warped Flapper Valve.

5. Disconnect the chain that is hooked to the flush Handle

6. Carefully, unsnap from the 2 pins on either side of the flapper and remove. See Photo B

7. Take a rag and wipe the tube to clean off any thing that might be on it.

8. Photo E Shows where the valve fits and there are 2 pins that the flapper valve snaps into they are behind the hole on each side of the tube. Photo F shows what it looks like when it is on correctly. A side view

9. Photo G shows you what it looks like in place.

10. Next take the chain up that is hooked on the flapper and measure it so that it just long enough to reach the flush handle.

11.There is a clip on the end just unsnap it and put it back on the cut end. Then reattach it to the flush handle.

12. There is an adjustment on the flapper valve that allows you to spin the round part, if it will not lay flat and cover the hole correctly. Just turn it till it seats in the hole.

13. Turn the water back on and see how it fills.

14. Replace the lid.

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handymanbill profile image

handymanbill 5 years ago from western pennsylvania Author

I am happy that you got use out of what i wrote. Thanks for the comment

mulberry1 profile image

mulberry1 5 years ago

Very helpful! I had toilet problems a week or two ago, turned out to be a very easy fix, but it took me a while since I have only one or two DIY cells in my body.

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