Indoor Plants For The Holidays - Kalanchoe


Indoor Plants For The Holidays - The Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe is a beautiful blooming succulent plant that is quite happy to live life indoors. Their popularity as an indoor house plant has gained momentum due to it’s beauty of form, wide array of vibrant bloom colors, and their low care and maintenance!

The thick, fleshy leaves of Kalanchoe plants have a pretty scalloped edge. The dark green leaves have a waxy texture, and their grouping on the stem creates a charming rosette pattern in the branching.


Kalanchoe send out clusters of star-shaped flowers that suspend above their appealing foliage. Their four-petaled flowers can be enjoyed for many weeks, often blooming for up to 10 weeks time. Wow!


As a succulent plant, Kalanchoe tolerate dry soil and low humidity conditions making them a highly desired blooming indoor plant during the winter months. Brighten your winter interior with lovely shades of magenta, red, orange, yellow, pink and white Kalanchoe flowers.


Kalanchoe Are As Hardy As They Are Beautiful

Kalanchoes have a very short list of likes and dislikes, making them a durable plant befitting anyone on your gift-giving list!


Top Kalanchoe Breeder Gives A Guide To Growing Kalanchoes

Light Requirements

Provide enough light for your Kalanchoe. Bright light is preferred and will reduce the tendency to stretch and get misshapen, leggy and weak. They can be placed just about anywhere in the home or office, provided they receive plenty of daylight. Bright light conditions will result in producing more flower color intensity, and a longer flowering period.


Moisture Requirements

Kalanchoes need to be watered thoroughly and then allowed to partially to dry out before the next watering. If Kalanchoe are grown in a decorative container without a drainage hole, be very careful not to let water accumulate or the plants will develop rot. A well-draining pot works best for this hardy succulent plant.


Fertilizing Requirements

When Kalanchoes arrive either in bud or in flower, they won't need any fertilizer at this time. Once they mature they will benefit from a diluted strength solution of liquid feed. Kalanchoe are not heavy feeders, so resist applying a constant feed to them in their drinks.


Temperature Requirements

Average home temperatures suit the Kalanchoe. They thrive with day temperatures ranging from 65º to 80º, and will tolerate temperature dips down to even 50º.


Soil Requirements

Because Kalanchoes are in the succulent category of plants, the soil should be quick to drain. They prefer a balanced mix of 50% peat plus 50% aggregate material such as perlite. You can mix your own soil, or use a standard mix available at market that is formulated for Cactus.


An Awesome Gift Plant

Kalanchoe will provide it's owner with years of effortless delight.  This enchanting and care-free plant is an excellent gift choice for anyone on your holiday list!

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AllSuretyBonds profile image

AllSuretyBonds 5 years ago

I just moved into a new home and I have been looking for things to add in my home! What beautiful plants you have here! I may go buy some pretty plants today!

NotTooTall profile image

NotTooTall 5 years ago from The Land of Pleasant Living Author

Hi AllSuretyBonds,

Thank you for coming by and leaving your comments ~ I appreciate it very much.

I'm happy that you enjoyed the Hub.


Movie Master profile image

Movie Master 5 years ago from United Kingdom

Hi NTT, although I have green fingers in the garden, I am not very good with houseplants, but I have had success with the Kalanchoe, it's a lovely plant.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful hub, really enjoyed reading and voting up.

NotTooTall profile image

NotTooTall 5 years ago from The Land of Pleasant Living Author

Hi Movie Master,

So good of you to stop by. I'm happy that you enjoyed the Hub, and I appreciate your comments ~ thank you.

My Kalanchoe were enjoying life outdoors, and did very well on my porch. They are inside now, after getting a good, hard prunning. They have started to bounce back ~ they truly are nice and easy!


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