Kentia Palm

Kentia Palms

Kentia palms are one of the most beautiful plants in my opinion. They are native to the Lord Howe island. Currently they are being kept both indoors and outdoors and if provided with proper conditions, they will thrive in both. Lets have a closer look at them.

Care Tips

The soil should be kept moist mostly, so water very regularly and faithfully. However allow it to dry partially before watering it again.

Like most palms, the soil should be well drained and sandy.

Fertilize in the growing season, do not overdo the fertilizer.

It is not very good at tolerating cold. Temperatures below 23 degrees Fahrenheit for extended periods can easily harm your Kentia palm.

Scientific Name

The scientific or botanic name of this palm is Howea forsteriana.

Common Names

Some of its common names are:

Thatch Palm

Sentry Palm

and the famous Kentia palm


Kentia palms can easily be propagated by seeds. Just soak the fruit in warm water for a couple of days and then remove the fruit from seeds. Now make sure the seed does not have any fruit particle and place them in growing tray that has rich, well drained soil mix and peat moss. Plant the seeds in soil so that just one third to half of each seed goes below the surface. Now for the germination to occur you must keep the soil moist all the time. Keep it moist, not wet, wet soil can cause seedlings to rot.

Kentia Palm Pictures

Here are some pictures of Kentia palm plantations...

Image taken from: Black Diamond Images @ Flicker
Image taken from: Black Diamond Images @ Flicker
Image take from: Black Diamond Images @ Flicker
Image take from: Black Diamond Images @ Flicker
Image taken from Wikimedia Commons
Image taken from Wikimedia Commons

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theherbivorehippi 6 years ago from Holly, MI

Beautiful!! Great hub!

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Ultimate Hubber 6 years ago Author

Thanks THH!

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Ann Nonymous 6 years ago from Virginia

I fall more and more in love with these palm trees with each new hub of yours regarding this species! Well done Ultimate Hubber!

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Ultimate Hubber 6 years ago Author

Hey Ann, you know it is really very hard not to fall in love with plants. I am so much in love with almost all of my plants. Not only this, I love the ones I don't have. They are awesome and they talk to you. When you are taking proper care of them, they tell you so by their appearance and they also inform you when you are neglecting them.

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