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Wall mounted oil lamp
Wall mounted oil lamp
Apple Cider Grinder and Press
Apple Cider Grinder and Press
Janome 712T Treadle Sewing Machine and Cabinets
Janome 712T Treadle Sewing Machine and Cabinets
The Little Dutch Maid hand crank food mixer and processor
The Little Dutch Maid hand crank food mixer and processor
Stainless Steel products for the kitchen
Stainless Steel products for the kitchen
Heller-Aller hand water well pumps
Heller-Aller hand water well pumps
The GrainMaker grain mill
The GrainMaker grain mill
Hoss Wheel Hoe garden cultivator
Hoss Wheel Hoe garden cultivator
Wheeled Garden Sprayer
Wheeled Garden Sprayer

Find the products you need for off-grid, hand crank, human power, self-sufficient living

Cottage Craft Works .com is your alternative non-electric source for Amish products.

Oil lamps, hand crank mixers, hand push garden tools, cooking and food processing equipment and over 5000 other products can all be found in this old time style online General Store.

You will also find Amish furniture, the popular Janome T12 Treadle Sewing machines, Amish custom sewing cabinets, reproduction Hoosier cabinets; J & P coats thread cabinets, and many different metal parts kits to build your own items.

The site has free recipes, and how-to-do projects such as how to motorize a hand crank meat grinder, building a Colonial Williamsburg picket garden fence, and a tasty chicken barbeque sauce.

Unlike many other online sites you can actually see detailed pictures of close up shots of the various products.

The site is just worth a visit to see some of the pictures of products that you haven't seen for awhile or may have never knew even existed.

If you’re looking to reduce reliance on gird power or want to totally move off-grid this unique general store can hook you up with Amish made products manufactured and used within the USA Amish communities.

Choose between gas, oil, and battery lighting and even equip your home for solar power.

Pump water with Heller-Aller hand water pumps, a 12 volt submersible well pump, or add an Aermotor Windmill to the homestead.

Find cooking utensils and food processing equipment for use indoors or out, with many handy products that simply are not available anywhere else.

Where else can you find a drill operated sweet corn silk cleaner? Or how about a Stainless Steel commercial size drain board to fit next to your kitchen sink to keep the counter top and floor dry?

Home grown vegetables in your own garden can be made easier with the various Amish garden tools and push cultivators located under the Farm and Garden tab.

Whether you are home canning, or cooking for a large family you will find the utensils and processors to get the job done without using any electricity.

If you're thinking of going organic, learn the latest gardening and farming advice from the Sustainable Agriculture books located under the Farm and Garden Tab.

Growing an orchard or grapes, find the products you need under the Orchard and Vineyard section under the Farm and Garden Tab.

Purchase a self contained wheeled Amish made yard, garden and orchard sprayer.

No need to have a garden tractor, this sprayer has both the boom and wand attachment.

Want to start producing your own honey? You can find beehives and beekeeper supplies under the Birds and Bees section under the Farm and Garden Tab.

There you can also learn all about the benefits of having Purple Martins and find the housing to attract them.

Got a critter problem? You can find all type of humane bird traps under both the Birds and Bees as well as predator and hunting calls under the Hunting and Outdoor Tab.

Speaking of Hunting, you will find a wonderful selection of hunting calls, hunting gear, gun accessories, and hunting clothing under the Hunting and Outdoor Tab.

You can even find replacement gun stocks to replace the stock on the old 12 GA that you ran over with the pickup truck after you forgot it was leaning on the tail gait. Lucky for you it didn't go off!

Save energy by drying clothes on Amish made drying racks or portable clothes lines.

Aluminum wash tubs and an aluminum laundry basket cart helps will help with the chore of washing the clothes.

The laundry basket cart is a real back saver. Roll it from the hamper to the washing machine and out to the clothes line without even bending over.

Gasoline, Butane and Sad Irons will keep the clothes neatly pressed and presentable for the trips to town.

Farm fresh eggs are wonderful but free range eggs are the best, find a free range chicken coop plan and hardware kit.

This site also offers a heavy metal Rollaway Chicken Nesting box that allows chicken eggs to roll forward under a protective cover.

Simply lift up the lid and collect the eggs without ever reaching into the nest box again.

The owners of Cottage Craft Works have spent over 30 years on the back roads developing friends and traveling the various Amish communities across the Midwest to bring forward well made products for the general consumer.

Find all these old time non-electric products at

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