Palm Tree Care - Part II


This article is written as a continuation of the main article about palm tree care tips. So in case you haven't read that read it here: Palm Tree Care Part I.

Chinese Fan Palm
Chinese Fan Palm

Chinese Fan Palm

Native to the islands of southern Japan, the Chinese fan palm is a hardy plant which will thrive with a little care.

  • Place it in full sunlight to partial shade areas.
  • Water requirements for the Chinese Fan Palm are high so water it regularly and heavily. It also has a mild drought tolerance so it is alright if you forget to water it.
  • Try not to expose it to frost and extended periods of extreme cold.

Triangle Palm

It is a beautiful, tough and medium sized palm tree that can grow to a height of about 30 feet. It is easy to care for this plant, here are a few tips.

  • Water it on regular basis, however it will survive if you forget to water it as it is a drought tolerant plant.
  • It has a moderate ability to survive cold but temperatures below 25 degrees Fahrenheit can harm the plant.
  • Place it in full sun.

Windmill Palm (
Windmill Palm (

Windmill Palm

The windmill palm tree is a beautiful, cold hardy palm that is native to Central China.

  • Place it partial shade. However it is also tolerant to full sun.
  • Water regularly.

Needle Palm

The hardiest of all palms when it comes to cold and frost tolerance, the needle palm is a low-height, slow growing palm that reaches to a maximum height of about 10 feet.

  • Place it in full sun to partial shade areas.
  • Plant in well drained soil.
  • As it can bear extremely cold temperatures down to -15 degrees Fahrenheit, make sure you water accordingly if you have it planted in such cold temperature. Excess of watering in winters will kill it of root rot.

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Ann Nonymous 6 years ago from Virginia

Very ingenious of you ultimate hubber. Introducing us to the beautiful and exotic palm tree to follow up with their care guide! Well done hub!

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Thanks Ann!!! :)

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