Practical Tips For Removing Stains

Since writing for hubapages sometimes means that you might have some practical advices that you can share with other people, here are some tips how to remove most kinds of stains without dry cleaning and quickly. Like…

Glue stains: Glue usually penetrated deep into woolen clothes. You need to sink the spot into acetone and then wash it away with something soapy, like soapy water.

Beer stains: Wash them away with the mixture of pure alcohol and water.

Blood stains: First, you must wash them with cold water because if treated with warm water the blood will coagulate on it.

Egg yolk: Leave it to dry and then it will be easy for you to rub it of or scratch it out. At the end, use gasoline for the final touch.

Greasy stains on clothes: Cover the spot with a few millimeters of potato flour and rub it in. Then wait for some time and after that pound the clothes.

Fly spits: Summer is coming so fly spits might become a problem. Cut an onion in half and then rub glass windows with it.

Blackberries: Use lemon or sour milk.

Cocoa: Instantly wash the stains with cold water without any soap.

Chewing gum: Put the clothes in a freezer, or, if the gum is on a rug or some big part of clothes, put an ice cube on a gum. The gum will harden and you will be able to get it off easily.

Pen stains: Use pure alcohol.

Milk: Use cold water.

Red wine: You can always use salt. But if you treat clothes with white wine first and then use salt the effects will be even better.

Ashes on a rug: If you possess a chimney in a house, then lucky you. But you might have a problem with ashes that get on the rug. No problem: the ashes can be treated with salt.

Chocolate: Cold water. Or let it dry, then rub it with gasoline, after which you will use brush on the spot.

Tar or ship oil: Use carbon-tetracholride or a substitute for turpentine. In harder cases, butter should be used first.

Wax from candles: On textile clothes, rub the wax off then iron it. From rugs – rub off then iron it over a paper napkin. From furniture – do not rub off but soak kitchen paper napkin into oil and then wash with that.

Nicotine stains on fingers: For all those heavy or moderate smokers out there – you can use lemon crust on your fingertips.

Hope this was useful to you, or at least, that it might be useful someday. Be safe and without stains!

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Bob Ferreira profile image

Bob Ferreira 4 years ago

Good list here!

In this same vein, I'd like to add that for a handy tip, if you ever get a book wet, place it in the freezer and let it completely freeze, remove, and let thaw. This can actually save the book from becoming destroyed.


Gentle Fist profile image

Gentle Fist 4 years ago from Serbia Author

Wow, thanks Bob! I will really need that tip since I love books but mishaps happen.. If only I knew that earlier but never is too late :)

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