Prefab Houses in Europe

Prefabricated houses are not cheap houses, but ultimately depending on the masonry is still cheaper so often just to cause confusion among customers of prefabricated houses. On average, it costs the construction of prefabricated houses, "Unfinished variant" of 450-550 euros per square meter, depending on the thickness of the walls, and the very choice of the buyer. The construction of "prefabricated house key" has a wider price range: 650-950 euros on average, the upper limit depends on the price and quality of materials selected by the customer. Finishing work in their engagement but we can cost up to € 150 per m2 more. It should be noted that there could be deviations from standard project which is a departure from the price may be changed to 50 euros per square meter. The more expensive the house, if you will, for example, opt for additional corners, angles, unusual angles, uneven roof, etc ...


Prefabricated House in Slovenia

In Slovenia are many providers of prefabricated buildings and houses. A large part of prefabricated houses in our market is also available from abroad and imported and sold through representatives of the company. Therefore, more and more customers who opt for direct import of prefabricated houses, mainly from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, and thus save a little. However, it should be noted that despite the low prices of such prefabricated houses, necessary to provide significant transport costs and customs duties, and indirect risk for this type of business.

The price of prefabricated houses must also add the cost of preparation. The buyer must obtain at the same time have a valid decision on the construction pogojiv, the price also depends on the location. Procedures for the construction of prefabricated houses are slightly different from the standard works, the speed depends in part on the leased companies or companies that produces such a prefab house.

Pay attention to the "hidden" costs, which can reach between 30 and 40 euros per m2: Some companies charge 10-15 € per m2 for the project documentation, you can charge the shipping costs and the use of elevators 300-500 euros, and shelter for workers and the like ...


Prefabricated Houses

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Building of Prefabricated House

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