Router Bits can save your Wood Shop Space and Time


Router Bits Can Save Your Wood Shop Space and Time

Router bits are great tools but most of the time the user does not use them to their fullest potential. Most wood working enthusiasts use the router bits to shape a fancy edge or add a complex outside shape that increases the quality of the final project, but this is not the only use router bits can be used for. With the proper router bit design and a few simple techniques you can replace bulky machinery and use your router bit to do a plethora of jobs. It may take you a little longer than using the bigger tools, but the job you do with the bit router can rival anything that a larger tool can produce

Router bits are great in respect to routing clean edges. You might want to test the router bit depth on a piece of scratch wood first to make sure that the depth you set your bit router will be the depth you want on the finished product. Simply use a sharp router bit and run the router in a counterclockwise direction around the edge that you are working on. When running the router bit in a counterclockwise motion, the machine will naturally move toward you instead of away from you and this will make for a safer, cleaner cut.

Your woodshop cannot be without a router and a good router bit set. It is one of the most versatile tools in the woodshop and is an addend to your tool collection. With the proper bits you can mill stock for joints; make decorative veining, even contemplate raised door panels. All you need is the right router bit and a little practice and you can sell some of the specialty tools you have because a router and the proper router bits will replace the expensive, space hogging equipment that you have cluttering up your shop.

Your router bits are dictated by what job you want to do. A spiral router bit has sharply twisted flutes for chip removal. You can easily clean out any debris in your cut or you can use an up ut for mortising and a down cut to cut completely through the wood. The slotting router bit is great for T molding and with the ball bearing technology; it is great for cabinet work. The flush trim router bit is a great tool to trim laminate whether on countertops or if you are just working with a single piece of laminate.

If you play your cards right and learn the techniques of proper router use, you can have more space in your wood shop as you get rid of the machines that take more time and are more expensive. With the proper router bits and router, you can shave time off your project and at the same time shave wood off your stock with an experts touch and great aesthetics. Router bits, with the proper technique, are a must have in any work shop. They virtually last forever and will probably outlast your router's motor.

The router Bit drawer Cabinet
The router Bit drawer Cabinet

Router Bit Sets

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Steve Austin 8 years ago

Very informative, thank you

J Phillips 8 years ago

Good info - thanks

Empress 8 years ago

That's a great idea! Organized and east to find.

Tony 8 years ago

I'm always looking for ways to conserve space in our garage, and this is a good idea to free up more work space. Thanks for the good advice.

cindy 8 years ago

that is a really great idea! i will be doing this for sure.

dp 8 years ago

Nifty idea.

cprchic 8 years ago

I had no idea there was so much to know about router bits! Thanks for the information!

Amy 8 years ago

Never occured to me to use router bits in this way. This will save alot of money and space in the garage.

Ayesha 8 years ago

Thanks for providing information about how to use Router bits o their fullest potential.

TEJAS 8 years ago

The best article about router bit I've ever read.

tim naser 8 years ago

this is a really cool thing to do!

Lady 8 years ago

This was very informative. Thanks for the info.

Arindam 8 years ago

it was pretty informative and the video is good too

Laine 8 years ago

Thank you for posting this information.

Cilantro 8 years ago

Oh wow, I need to try this sometime! It never even crossed my mind.

jack 8 years ago

that is a really great idea! i will be doing this for sure.

guymclaren profile image

guymclaren 8 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa

Brilliant idea, I agree that the bits are one of the most important items in a workshop that uses a router

You can visit if you like, to see what I have to say

Router Maniac profile image

Router Maniac 7 years ago Author

Thank you!

Continental DIA 6 years ago


Nice information about router bits I agree with your post

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