Spring Flowers In Bloom

Spring Flowers in the Garden

Here in Florida, spring is one of the best times for growing flowers. There's really not much frost in Florida, the heat is the problem. Many flowers can't take the summer heat here. So late winter is the best time to plant your flowers so they will bloom in the spring. If you live in South Florida there's hardly every any frost and you can even plant flowers in the winter depending on how south you are. Hibiscus flowers can be seen in bloom almost year round.

Zinnias, Pentas, Sunflowers, Marigolds, Snapdragons, and more grow well in Florida. Sunflowers and Zinnias can last all summer, but things like pansies will not be able to take the heat of the summer. Of course if you live further north then your planting times will be different. Check the agricultural extension of your state college, they will have information on everything you need to know about growing almost anything in your agricultural zone. Here in Florida the University of Florida has information on growing flowers, fruit and nut trees, vegetables, natural pest control and more. Your state university will be familiar with your climate and with what will work.

Planting flowers for spring

All these pictures were taken at my parents house in North Florida. I mostly container garden tomatoes and things like that, (I grow pineapples too) but my father starts spring flowers in February or March. It can get cold and frost there up until March so sometimes he starts some of his flowers inside. Be sure and check what's appropriate for your area.

Spring Flower Arrangement

Spring flower bouquet of Zinnias on the windowsill.
Spring flower bouquet of Zinnias on the windowsill.

Spring Flowers: Zinnias

Zinnias along a fence, you can see some gladiolus leaves in the background
Zinnias along a fence, you can see some gladiolus leaves in the background

Zinnias Cut Flowers All Spring and Summer

Zinnia's are a great flower to grow, they come in lots of colors and germinate very quickly in hot weather.  They like lots of sun, at least six hours a day, they also like well drained soil and good air circulation.  They don't like damp, humid areas. They grow well in pots and window boxes and they keep sending up blooms after they are cut, making them good for cut flowers.  They're also good for cut flowers.

Purple Spring Flowers

Red Pentas in the flower garden
Red Pentas in the flower garden

Pentas in the Flower Garden

Pentas are perennials they'll last about 3 years. While not as showy as some annuals they can bloom from October to April depending on your climate. Here in Florida they'll still bloom in the heat of summer, at least until June anyway.  If planted in a shady area they might be able to stand the heat and humidity of summer. They do not like lots of water or mulch around their stems. If they get too much water they will die so be careful.

Flower Gardening

Yellow Spring Flowers

Spring wildflowers blooming in the backyard. You can just the corn behind them in the garden.
Spring wildflowers blooming in the backyard. You can just the corn behind them in the garden.


Cosmos by the compost pile
Cosmos by the compost pile
One lone Cosmo
One lone Cosmo

Cosmos for a Spring Flower Bouquet

Cosmos do best started from seed.  They don't last long in the heat of even the North Florida summers, but will last in some northern flower gardens until the first frost.  They germinate in 5-10 days, the soil needs to be kept moist until the seedlings emerge.  Follow the instructions on your seed packet and thin the plants after they come up.  The remaining plants will grow better with some room.


Sunflower and bee.
Sunflower and bee.

Spring Sunflowers.

Sunflowers are a flower you can eat - well you can eat the seeds anyway. The sunflower is acutally multiple flowers. The middle of the head is hundreds of little tiny flowers, each one becomes a seed. Sunflowers like well drained soil with organic matter. They can grow very tall, up to 10 feet. Sunflowers are also heliotropes which means they follow the sun. After the flower opens and blooms they loose this ability though.  I hope this hub has given you some ideas on designing your garden.

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Spring Flower Comments? 2 comments

ForestWander Nature Pictures 6 years ago

I love spring flowers. Spring always seems to go by too fast as does the fall foliage. Nothing is prettier than a home made country flower arrangement made fresh!

fresh flowers 6 years ago

Spring is the best season for fresh flowers all around the world.

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