Recycled Hardwood Floors

Who doesn't love the look of real hardwood flooring? The problem is that it is so expensive, it has become an option that most people simply can't afford.  But what if you really want it?  Find a school that is remodeling their gym.

Because of all of the stimulus money, school districts are under tremendous pressure to do large, and sometimes unnecessary improvements to gymnasiums and classrooms alike to create more jobs for people to do.  One of these unnecessary jobs includes replacing the flooring of gymnasiums. 

Most of the flooring in a gym is 3/4 to 1 inch thick maple.  Maple was used primarily because of it's strength and hardness and longevity as a wood floor product.  Many of these floors are being torn up during these renovations, and being replaced with synthetic surfaces that are supposedly more earth friendly and longer lasting.  So what are they doing with the maple flooring?  They are giving it away.  First come, first serve.  This is the best deal you will ever get.  All you have to do is find out who is doing a gymnasium project and inquire about the floor.  If they are ripping it up, you will be put on a list with other people who want the flooring and this process will continue until the flooring is gone.

This is a great way to bring beauty into your home and use sustainable products as well.  Good luck for your search and don't forget to have your buddy with a truck on speed dial.

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