The Rain in Texas

Rain, Rain Go Away!

I have been away from the Hubs for awhile as the rains in Texas are about to swallow us up and send us on our way. It has rained for weeks. The ground is so soggy that no more water has anywhere to go but down hill. Yes, we got some water in the house.....not much given what other people have dealt with. But enough I don't want to deal with it again. The rains seem to affect the Internet but at least we are not without electricity as many people around Houston are.

If the rain keeps coming, and it is supposed to, I am seriously contemplating building an ark and gathering animals for the ride. All of this water coupled with more humidity than a rain forest and Arizona is looking good.'s to next week and a little sunshine....I'm hoping anyway.

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mactavers profile image

mactavers 21 months ago

I just watched the Phoenix news tonight that profiled people coming to AZ to stay with their families. So sorry that so many have had so much trouble caused by all the rain.

Jane Err profile image

Jane Err 21 months ago from Texas Author

It has been unbelievable! So many deaths, so much destruction.........

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